In the year 2022, most businesses use loyalty programs. In fact, 90% of businesses have some form of loyalty programs that they use to entice more customers to walk through their door. But in 2017, the thought of loyalty programs was still a newer concept. Starbucks Indonesia decided to take a leap into the deep end and invest in up-and-coming technology and today, it was one of the best decisions they made. 


MAP Indonesia owns a multitude of hard hitting names in the hospitality industry. We are talking about names like Pizza Hut, Burger King, Subway and of course, Starbucks. MAP owns and operates over 500 Starbucks in Indonesia and has consistently been taking steps to be a pioneer in the space.


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In 2017, MAP Indonesia decided to partner with TechRyde to integrate Mastercard’s loyalty program api. This wasn’t a normal loyalty card at the time either. They wanted to tackle the issue of customers wanting to collect loyalty points but forgetting their loyalty card at home. This integration allowed customers to activate, collect and redeem points either using their phone via QR code or loyalty card with assurance that their profile is secure with Mastercard’s top-notch security. Thanks to TechRyde’s integration with Mastercard, the loyalty program worked seamlessly with Starbucks’ existing technology to make the customer experience as simple and easy as possible.


It is not easy to be different from the rest of the pack. It takes true commitment to your customers and to your employees that what you are creating will be helpful in the future. TechRyde has helped Starbucks fulfill this goal with their loyalty rewards api and have also helped hundreds of other businesses with building online ordering websites and 3rd party integration. Request a demo today at to experience the hospitality revolution!


Written By Tyler Albuquerque