There is no way to predict when a trend is going to be replaced with a new one in this competitive sector of Food and Beverage. Chefs and bartenders work day and night to bring in new concepts to engage more customers. However, some of these ideas shape the ongoing trends in the industry. Let’s talk about some of such new trends driving the Food & Beverage industry crazy:

25 Course Emoji based menu: One of the world’s best restaurants, Gaggan, featured 25 emojis printed on a single rectangle of translucent paper in a single column. After all 25 courses have been served, waiters present diners text based versions of the menu, so they place it under the emoji menu and figure out exactly what they ate.

Inspired with this, many other restaurants worldwide are adapting such menus, and giving them a try.

Mannequins & Teddy Bears in restaurants: Mannequins, in 1940s era clothing, occupy some vacant tables in the dining area of the Inn at Little Washington, in an effort to enforce social distancing, as restaurants around the world are getting creative about how to let patrons know where to sit.

Similarly, Beef’n Beer in Hofheim, Germany, arranged teddy bears for keeping customers at a distance while maintaining levity.

QR Codes: As the era of unsafe menus might be coming to a close, restaurants are replacing all their standard table elements, i.e. salt & pepper shakers, sauce squeezers, and menus with QR Codes. From ordering food, to making the payment, QR Code is the one man army, which, with just one click will take you through the menu, discounts, promotions, and billing.

Healthy Eating: According to an article from Oklahoma State University, in 2019, the consumers observed a growing demand for healthier eating options, and 2020 is going to take this trend ahead with a fall in sugary foods.

In 2019, around 80 percent of consumers in the US reported that healthy eating options on the menu played a role in their decision of choosing a restaurant. This is not about just the nutritional value of a dish, the diners also want socially responsible restaurants that offer free range meat, with no antibiotics & steroids, but only natural, organic ingredients