Restaurants are one of the workplaces where work never or hardly ever stops. From culinary to service, all the areas of operations work on full efficiency to provide their guests a memorable dining experience. However, with the times changing, there are certain pain points which affect the operations directly or indirectly, which can be eradicated with the help of technology.

We are not in that time anymore where a restaurant keeps the same menu and pricing for years. On the contrary, as per frequently changing guests’ demands, rising competition, etc. the restaurants are making great efforts on bringing something new to their guests, everyday. Most of the restaurants have a special day wise menu- Chef’s Special/ Menu of the day, which needs to be updated on the digital platforms as well, so the customers could see it in time.

Another challenge that many restauranteers encounter, affecting their optimization, is where a restaurant runs out of a particular item, however, its online orders keep coming through. Such scenarios are not only embarrassing for a restaurant, but also affect the goodwill. And the mixing of orders due to human intervention, where in the worst case scenario, a vegetarian guest ends up receiving a non vegetarian dish. In countries where religious dietary laws are quite strict, such blunders could end up in a court case.

Along with these are many small problems which have arisen since the digitization of the Food & Beverage sector, and it would not be wrong to rephrase these as modern problems, which require modern solutions. TechRyde powered online restaurant solutions, the idea of which stemmed from these very problems, are what the restaurants require to work hassle-free amid these on-growing challenges.

AnyPOSConnector from TechRyde seamlessly connects with all aggregators including all payment aggregators such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal, and Food delivery applications such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and others can also be easily connected with it.

The AnyPOSConnector connects your POS system with online food aggregators, where single dashboard, single menu, and with less spending, you get all your restaurant online on all delivery ordering web platforms. Some of its key features are:

Menu Distribution- TechRyde’s menu distribution System (MDS) is a single source of truth menu, owned and controlled by restaurants across any digital platform. TechRyde’s API syncs the entire restaurant menu with all third party apps.

Order Injection- This enables third-party technologies to efficiently use a master digital menu, as allowing them to inject orders directly into the POS.