App Support | POS Integrated | Customized Schedule

    • Team can easily stay on top of things no matter where they are. Use any convenient device – phone, tablet, or laptop, to see what you need when you need it.
    • Back office reports for all levels of hierarchy. Directly integrated with back-office, helps you measure how each store compares to another whether it is across town, across the district, or across the country
    • Schedule reports to run on your desired schedule at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.
    • Can be Integrated with choice of BI Analytical Tool.
    • Endless report Customization as per your needs.


Track Food Cost & Variance | Margin @ Fingertips | Control Recipes

    • Measuring variance is essential for any restaurant to manage food costs. Having insight into your actual and theoretical inventory levels let you appropriately take action on high variance, caused by waste events, spoilage, and theft.
    • Tracking waste in our Food Management solution is a simple and effective way to control your bottom-line. You can control costs like never before with automated reports that let you drill down into waste events by stations, employees, shifts, and the multitude of waste reasons.
    • Till date, we have developed and launched several of exceptional websites to serve clients all across the globe.


Customizable Layout | Customer Personalization | Push Notifications

    • Fully Integrated with POS using any of POS connector.
    • Get your restaurant’s mood in-sync with easily configurable theme and logo.
    • Customers delight – Automatic order suggestions based on history. Customers can mark their order as ‘Favorite’, place it again in a single click.
    • Send your customers instant Push Notifications on their mobile for maximum engagement. Make their special occasions memorable by notifying them for special offers / wishes / celebration. Applications are limitless.

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