For any restaurant, integrating their point-of-sale platform with third-party apps can be a challenge. Recently, TechRyde provided the API integration between Oracle/MICROS Simphony 19.2 and Dragontail Systems, playing a key role for Pizza Hut Australia as it deployed a technology transformation to better support their online ordering and delivery segments and redefine their customer experience.

In 2020, as pandemic stay-at-home orders forced restaurant closures, Pizza Hut understood clearly that delivery was now a critical segment of their business. The company made the decision to deploy new technology that had the ability to transform their customer experience, attract new customers, and ultimately result in a larger segment of the market.

The company had recently upgraded to Oracle’s cloud-based point of sale platform, Simphony 19.2. Simphony is an open system architecture which means it can connect with third party applications using TechRyde integration. Pizza Hut planned to deploy an AI-driven technology from Dragontail Systems that is transforming the customer experience and operations in the delivery segment. TechRyde, made the integration quick and easy, one reason its single omni-channel platform has become the API standard around the world.

“We are proud to be a preferred member of the Oracle Partner Network and have an opportunity to work with innovative third-party app companies such as Dragontail Systems. This puts us in the forefront of the digital transformation of the restaurant industry,” said Sandeep Mahal, CEO of TechRyde based in Toronto. “It is exciting have a part in bringing about impactful changes in how restaurants operate and how they engage with their customers,” added Gene Harrison, CRO of TechRyde.

The innovative Dragontail System known as Algo, uses a patent-pending optimization algorithm to determine the best delivery timing by accurately estimating how long it takes to prepare a pizza then contacting delivery drivers for pick-up at precisely the right point of time.  As a result, the driver picks up the pizza at the moment it is hot from the oven, assuring the meal arrives to the customer “hot and fresh.” This streamlined process also results in improved labor costs for the operator.

Pizza Hut’s 2020 growth results in Australia confirm the benefits of their focus on delivery and the customer experience. In the first three quarters of 2020, Pizza Hut reported a growth of 16.1%, twice that of its competitors.1

In addition to Pizza Hut Australia, TechRyde has provided integration between Dragontail Systems and Oracle MICROS Simphony for Pizza Hut operators around the world including Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad.

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1Pizza Hut Australia achieves 16% growth in consumer spend with Oracle