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Menu Management From A Single Place

How it works

TechRyde’s ordering system is a single platform that lets customers access your restaurant through mobile, PC, Facebook, Instagram, Google or other channels. Customers simply link to a restaurant’s cloud-based menu to place an order and make payment. In the cloud, the order is instantly delivered to the restaurant kitchen along with details of the driver assigned to the order. As the order is auto-entered into the POS system, the restaurant manager can track driver’s location and arrival to ensure the order is ready when the driver arrives. Menu Management

TechRyde web ordering, Menu Management

Our Features

Menu Management


During peak or busy times,
pause or hold online orders
until ready to go again
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Menu Management

Managing Menus

Real time menu sync
instantly reflected in the
POS and 3rd party apps
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Menu Management

86ing Items

Unavailable items are excluded
from all menus including 3rd
party aggregators
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