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Digital Ordering Platform

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Digital Ordering Platform


Digital Ordering Platform


Digital Solutions for Restaurants

With unprecedented events accelerating the digital transformation of the restaurant industry, there is now no turning back on the use of technology to engage with your customers in person or online, Digital Ordering Platform.

TechRyde offers on-premise and off-premise digital solutions that cater to the hospitality industry including restaurants, chains, franchises, and hotels. We deliver technologies to help these businesses optimize efficiencies and minimize costs for online ordering, contactless payments, inventory management, labor, and Digital Ordering Platform more. We are a preferred Oracle MICROS and Simphony partner.

Solutions to Engage Your Customers and Drive
Operational Efficiencies

Digital Ordering Platform

Integrate Online Ordering and Delivery Aggregators for increased transactions
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Digital Ordering Platform

Enhance customer experiences with mobile ordering, self payment and guest engagement
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Our Features

Digital Ordering Platform


During peak or busy times,
pause or hold online orders
until ready to go again
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Digital Ordering Platform

Managing Menus

Real time menu sync
instantly reflected in the
POS and 3rd party apps
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Digital Ordering Platform

86ing Items

Unavailable items are excluded
from all menus including 3rd
party aggregators
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Why Partner with TechRyde?

At TechRyde, our clients are #1. We are confident in our approach to make your operations run smarter, better and more productive. Our hospitality solutions are simple, effective and very efficient to transform your business and your customer engagement. Digital Ordering Platform

  • Easy installation
    Simple and easy set-up to quickly get started
  • Affordable integration
    A one time set-up fee to access our solutions
  • Access to 24×7 client support
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