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Delivery dispatch and Loyalty

Table-side ordering

POS integration
Manage third party menus & orders

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What our clients say

“The direct and seamless menu
and order integration to our
point-of-sale saves us a lot of time
and effort.”

Dino Alimonos Country Pizza Italian Grill, Florida

“TechRyde was incredibly helpful & quickly answered any questions. Orderapp is so easy to use! We can make website changes directly from our POS.”

Owner Cosmos Restaurant & Bar, Pennsylvania

“TechRyde was tenacious about solving every challenge that came up. In the end they absolutely delivered. The won us over 100%.”

Thad Hoy Bluepoint Hospitality, Maryland

Revolutionize Your Restaurant Operations



AI-powered online ordering platform for restaurants, integrated with third-party driver services and free payment processing.

Manager Console App

Track live orders, streamline deliveries, and run loyalty campaigns on the go. Available on iOS and Android.

Order Taker

On-the-go tablet for seamless kitchen orders.

Kitchen Display & POS Integrations

Streamline operations with optimized kitchen displays and seamless POS integration.

Menu Sync Digital Hub

Real-time menu synchronization and central hub for all third-party ordering.

Our Solutions


Online Ordering

TechRyde’s Online Ordering solution enables you to boost revenue and customer satisfaction by offering a hassle-free way for customers to place orders. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth ordering process, while real-time notifications streamline order fulfillment, keeping your customers coming back for more.

Boost Revenue
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Efficient Order Fulfillment

MCA Delivers Excellence!

MCA platform, packed with features designed to supercharge your delivery and dispatch operations.
Delivery Efficiency
Real-Time Order Tracking
Driver Tracking
Data Analysis
Customer Interaction
Loyalty Programs

Order Taker

Order at Table for customers, and arm your servers with TechRyde’s tablet ordering solution. Servers can now spend more time with customers to enhance the entire dining experience.
One platform for your all digital orders
Common payment processor for POS and apps
pp that syncs real time menu from POS


At TechRyde we are specialists in connecting Simphony POS with kitchen tech , loyalty and delivery systems designed to make your restaurant operations more efficient and ultimately more profitable.
Real time menu synch in secondsfrom POS
Order throttling from POS and KDS system with
real order preparation data
Improved restaurant operations for efficiency and profitability

Multi-Menu Management

TechRyde’s user-friendly menu management portal streamlines restaurant operations. It empowers owners to create and update digital menus in real-time, with detailed dish descriptions, prices, and images. Real-time inventory tracking reduces waste and boosts efficiency, while sales data reports provide insights for menu optimization.

Real-Time Menu Updates
User-Friendly Platform
Order Management Made Easy


Unlock actionable insights into your restaurant’s performance with TechRyde’s Insights feature. Monitor sales trends, track customer preferences, and analyze order data to make informed decisions. Leverage these insights to optimize your menu, pricing, and marketing strategies, driving increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

Sales Trend Monitoring
Customer Preference Tracking
Optimized Menu and Pricing

Why Global Brands Trust Us?

At TechRyde, our clients are #1. We are confident in our approach to make your operations run smarter, better and more productive. Additionally, our hospitality solutions are simple, effective, and very efficient to help transform your business and your customer engagement.

With the rise of online food ordering, we also specialize in developing online food order websites, ensuring seamless and convenient food ordering experiences for your customers.


Robust Integration

Our integration capabilities are second to none. We’ve engineered a system that seamlessly aligns with the diverse needs of global brands, ensuring a smooth operation from order placement to kitchen execution.


Reliable, Round-the-Clock Support

When it comes to technology, downtime is not an option. That’s why our support team stands at the ready 24/7. Rest easy knowing that if an issue arises, we’re here to resolve it promptly and efficiently.


Unparalleled Performance

Our solution isn’t just good; it’s exceptional. Restaurants that have embraced our technology have experienced a remarkable 39% growth in revenue. This isn’t a promise; it’s a proven track record.


Cost-Efficiency at Its Core

We believe in empowering restaurants without burdening them with excessive costs. That’s why we offer a solution that comes with zero cost for the restaurant itself. Your success is our success.


Completed Projects

More About Our Digital Ordering Solutions



Boost your restaurant’s bottom line and manage digital orders with ease. Better command on dispatch.


Order Taker

Enhance your restaurant’s dine-in experience with QR code or tablet-based ordering and speed up table turnover.


AnyPOSconnector API

AnyPOSconnector API delivers a seamless integration between leading POS and kitchen technology systems

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TechRyde was founded in 2016 with the idea that there had to be a better, simpler way to digitize restaurants and drive the use of technology for online food ordering.

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