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TechRyde orchestrates Oracle Simphony POS with the apps that bring your restaurant to life.

At TechRyde we are specialists in connecting Simphony POS with kitchen tech , loyalty and delivery systems designed to make your restaurant operations more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Our anyPOSconnector middleware is proven to deliver seamless integration between Oracle hospitalityPOS and leading kitchen technology systems including:

  • Dragontail.
  • Enroll & pay
  • Grubhub
  • Doordash drive
  • QSR
  • SessionM
  • FirstData payment
  • Shift4 Payments
  • Ingenico
  • And more
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AnyPOSconnector Marketplace



Enroll and Pay

Enroll & pay

AnyPOSconnector Grubhub techryde integration marketplace


AnyPOSconnector doordash drive image

Doordash drive

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FirstData Payment

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Shift4 Payments



Uber Eats

Uber Eats





and more…

With TechRyde anyPOSconnector interface you can add valuable features to your POS:

Real time menu synch in secondsfrom POS Complex ordering injection direct to POS supporting: menu levels, price levels,Modifiers, conversational ordering mode No static IP or inbound firewall changes needed at store
Order throttling from POS and KDS system with real order preparation data Transaction data and real-time order synch for kitchen display,dispatch system or dine in apps Item 86ing from workstation
Routing of all menu items to kitchen screens for POS and online orders for kitchen optimization. Supports voids, remakes and updates. Auto close checks on POS once order is marked delivered by dispatcher system Process store orders as well as online orders for delivery dispatch and takeout
Assign drivers for order dispatch upon login from POS using Oracle Labor Module for clock in and clock out Direct printing for guest check and labels from dispatcher or KDS bumps for cloud kitchen concepts and multiple brands No cloud menu for menu synch with other apps.

Successful integration of your Oracle Simphony POS will deliver important benefits to your operation

  • Improved restaurant operations for efficiency and profitability.
  • Customers receive their orders on time, hot and fresh whether at the table, delivery, or pick-up
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Improved customer service

The TechRyde team are experienced working with restaurant operators to integrate MICROS Simphony POS with new and existing tech platforms

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TechRyde won us over as fans with their tenacity to solve problems. We gave them a big challenge to integrate our tech platforms, some of which had been custom-built, with our new POS. There was a learning curve but I’m happy to say TechRyde rose to the challenge. We will bring TechRyde into a total of 10 venues over the coming months.
–Thad Hoy, Operations Manager for Bluepoint Hospitality

TechRyde contributes to PizzaHut 16% growth during pandemic

For any restaurant, integrating theirpoint-of-sale platform with third party apps can be a challenge. Recently, TechRyde provided the API integration between Oracle/MICROS Simphony 19.2 and Dragontail Systems, playing a key role for Pizza Hut Australia as it deployed a technology transformation to better support their online ordering and delivery segments and redefine their customer experience.

Pizza Hut growth TechRyde