TechRyde makes it easy for any restaurant to take delivery orders direct from the customer and reduce delivery costs

Industry research reveals that 63% of restaurant customers prefer to place delivery orders directly with the restaurant vs. one of the 3rd party services like Grubhub or Uber Eats.

TechRyde’s new service gives customers what they want with cost-savings for any operator.

TechRyde has partnered with DoorDash Drive to empower restaurants to essentially operate their own delivery service in a way that is easy and cost-effective.

TechRyde’s service frees restaurant operators and their customers from the control of third-party delivery services.

With TechRyde’s service, customers interact directly with your restaurant, not a third party. Their orders are delivered quickly and at a reasonable cost, just as 63% of restaurant customers prefer.

How it works:

TechRyde’s ordering system allows customers to access your restaurant through a single platform, regardless of whether they are using a mobile device, a computer, or social media.

Customers simply click on a link to the restaurant’s cloud-based menu, place an order, and make payment.

The order is then instantly delivered to the restaurant kitchen, along with details of the driver who will be assigned to the order.

As the order is auto-entered into the POS system, the restaurant manager can track driver’s location and arrival to ensure the order is ready when the driver arrives.

Perhaps the best feature of this new system is the delivery cost.

Instead of delivery charges based on commission or percentage of the order value, the TechRyde partnership with DoorDash Drive charges one low, flat-rate delivery charge per order.

Regardless of the value of the order, the delivery charge is a fixed rate that is significantly lower than the typical delivery charge of 3rd party services.

Currently TechRyde can fully integrate Online/Mobile Order+Pay with Oracle MICROS 3700, Simphony 1 and 2 and 9700 POS systems.

No more are restaurant operators and their customers being held hostage by the timing and pricing of the 3rd party services. 

With TechRyde’s service, your customer will interact only with your restaurant – not with a 3rd party service – and receive their order, delivered by your restaurant, quickly and at a reasonable cost. 


TechRyde’s DoorDash Drive integration is a great option for restaurants that are looking to:
Reduce delivery costs:

As mentioned above, TechRyde’s DoorDash Drive integration allows restaurants to avoid the high commissions that are often charged by third-party delivery services.

Improve customer satisfaction:

As mentioned above, customers who order food directly from a restaurant are more likely to be satisfied with their experience. This is because they are not subject to the fees and delays that can sometimes occur with third-party delivery services.

Improve brand reputation:

By offering online ordering and delivery through TechRyde’s DoorDash Drive integration, restaurants can improve their brand reputation by providing a convenient and reliable service to their customers.

Enhanced marketing opportunities:

TechRyde’s DoorDash Drive integration gives restaurants the opportunity to reach a wider audience of potential customers through DoorDash’s marketing channels.

TechRyde’s DoorDash Drive integration is easy to use:

Restaurants can easily integrate TechRyde’s DoorDash Drive integration with their existing POS system. This makes it easy for restaurants to start taking delivery orders and reducing their delivery costs.

TechRyde’s DoorDash Drive integration is reliable:

TechRyde’s DoorDash Drive integration is reliable and secure. This means that restaurants can be confident that their delivery orders will be processed and delivered accurately and securely.


TechRyde’s DoorDash Drive integration is a great option for restaurants that are looking for a way to reduce delivery costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance their brand reputation. If you are interested in learning more, visit TechRyde’s website or call +1 (317) 445-3340.