Technological advancements have significantly contributed to our ecosystem, helping us save fuel and costs. In the food and beverage industry, smart restaurant solutions have not only enabled cost savings but also promoted eco-friendliness.

The staggering amount of food waste generated by restaurants and stores highlights the need for sustainable practices. By implementing digital technologies, restaurants can streamline operations, reduce waste, and become more environmentally conscious.

It is no wonder that technological advancements are contributing so much to our ecosystem, and helping us save fuel & cost. With their involvement in the Food and Beverage industry, not only restaurants are saving money but are also turning eco-friendly. According to a report from the United States Department of Agriculture, 133 billion pounds of food got wasted from restaurants & stores in 2010.

As per a recent study by reFED, around 11 million tons of restaurant food is wasted in the US, and this waste costs businesses approximately $25 billion every year. The report also mentions that every dollar which is invested in food-waste reduction can result in around 8 dollars in cost savings for the restaurants. 

Running a restaurant may be complicated, where keeping on top of streamlining operations, reducing waste and replenishing ingredients is much of a hassle. With the right digital technology, everything that goes into the restaurant can be checked against what goes out, and make restaurants more sustainable.

Here, the term “sustainability,” includes composting, renewable energy, reducing food waste, incorporating farm to table options, and recycling/ up-cycling, all of which aim to eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce a restaurant’s carbon footprint.

Investing in restaurant specific sustainable technology can help restaurants from food trucks to fine dining reduce their carbon footprint, & become more sustainable, environmentally conscious businesses, besides adopting the environmentally conscious strategies into your restaurant operations.

On the other hand, restaurant solution providers like TechRyde have been working day & night towards making restaurants smarter and helping them save energy & cost. Traditional inventory counts cause inaccurate counts from double-counting and overlooked items. And inaccurate inventory counts lead to over-ordering which leads to spoilage and waste that drives up your food costs.

TechRyde Stock Management solution provides with the tools to accurately and efficiently conduct inventory counts.

As TechRyde is deployed at 1500+ restaurant locations, it is quite evident that more and more restaurants are adapting to smart restaurant solutions, and taking a step towards the ecosystem.