There is no doubt in the fact that the global pandemic shut down most of the industries, all across the globe, however there were a few industries which were hit the worst.

We are talking about the Food and Beverage industry, which is still struggling to revive amidst the ongoing pandemic. According to a report by CNBC, the government declared that 5.5 million chefs, waiters and cashiers have lost their jobs in the United States, by April.

One assumption as to the reason why restaurants were suffering the most that can be made is that people were coming in direct contact with the restaurant workers, and also with one another in restaurants.

Due to this high risk scenario, many restaurants were shutting down all over the world. It was online ordering which gave restaurants a hope to revive amid the pandemic.

Not just the QSRs, but most of the fine dining restaurants that traditionally did not enter this segment, had to resort to online ordering.

Online ordering, on one hand, emerged as a blessing in disguise in this adversity as it was one of the only sources of revenue for restaurants, but, on the other hand, doing business online came with many challenges.


One major challenge was the huge commissions that food aggregators charged for each order placed through them. The restaurants, which were merely managing to make enough to keep their restaurant running, were having to cut a part of their earnings to pay the delivery aggregators.

Along with paying commissions came many small hurdles, like delay in placing orders, and human errors like the switching one’s order with the other.

Even though these errors were from the side of the delivery aggregators, the restaurants paid the ultimate price for it by loss of goodwill and consumer loyalty.

Since the online ordering market was monopolised by the very limited delivery aggregators, restaurants had no choice but to bear huge commissions until TechRyde came with a permanent solution to all these problems.

The Benefits of Online Ordering

There are many benefits to online ordering for both restaurants and customers. For restaurants, online ordering can help to:

  • Increase sales: Online ordering can help restaurants to reach new customers who may not have been able to dine in before.
  • Reduce costs: Online ordering can help restaurants to save money on labor and overhead costs.
  • Improve efficiency: Online ordering can help restaurants to streamline their operations and improve customer service.

TechRyde was founded with the idea that there had to be a better, simpler way to digitize the restaurants to drive the technology.

AnyPOSConnector, powered by TechRyde seamlessly connects with all aggregators including all payment aggregators such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and Square.

Food delivery applications such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and others can also be easily connected with AnyPOSConnector APIs.

TechRyde online order solutions come with many features which simplify your operations like never before:

  • Menu Distribution- TechRyde’s menu distribution System (MDS) is a single source of truth menu owned and controlled by Restaurants across any digital platform. TechRyde API syncs the entire restaurant menu with all third party apps.
  • Order Injection- TechRyde enables third-party technologies to efficiently use a master digital menu allowing them to inject orders directly into the POS.
  • POS Events- MDS utilizes TechRyde’s API to read the POS events. This enables third-party technologies to get notified on all POS actions like removing or adding an item, applying discounts, opening the cash drawer or clock in/ clock out. It is a commonly used platform to get transaction data for analytics and for theft control.
  • Loyalty & CRM- TechRyde AnyPOSConnector is fully integrated to third party loyalty and CRM systems. Restaurants can redeem all loyalty features by enabling offers, promotions and campaigns for their guest.


Online ordering is a valuable tool for restaurants that can help them to reach new customers, increase sales, and improve efficiency. TechRyde’s platform can help restaurants to get the most out of online ordering and overcome the challenges that it presents.