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Table Convenience with Order and Payment for Your Customers


Single Platform

Single Platform

One platform for your all digital orders

No Apps

No Apps

No app download needed to send push notifications to users

Same Payment<br />

Same Payment Processor

Common payment processor for POS and apps

Menu Sycn

Menu Sync

Only app that syncs real time menu from POS

Effortless and Seamless
Tableside Ordering

Order at Table from TechRyde enables your customers to easily use their own mobile phones to browse menus and place orders, in real time, that go directly into the kitchen. When they are ready to leave, payment can be made directly from their phones – split, tip and pay! The process is quick and easy so tables can turn and be ready for the next guest.

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Efficient Server Staff

More Streamlined Operations,
More Efficient Server Staff

In addition to Order at Table for customers, arm your servers with TechRyde’s tablet ordering solution. Servers can now spend more time with customers to enhance the entire dining experience. With technology in their hands, transform how they perform functions like taking orders that are sent directly to the kitchen, pulling up checks for payment accepting and authorizing payment and closing and reconciling the table with the POS. Order Taker

Order Tacker


Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of servers taking orders using technology from TechRyde:

Identify who ordered what with a digital seating layout
Up-to-date menus to easily inform customers of 86ed items
Improve guest experience by presenting menu suggestions driven by intelligent and predictive technology

POS Operations

With TechRyde technology, you can communicate directly to the POS without going to a station:

Take and send customers orders to kitchen or bar
Securely process credit card payments
Close and reconcile tables for quick table turns


TechRyde makes it possible for staff to facilitate bill payment by customers right at the table:

Secure and EMV-compliant transaction
Use your existing payment processor
Pay with major credit cards including Google Pay and Apple Pay

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